Cryptocurrency Investing – Are Dating Sites Now Accepting Cryptocurrencies?

There are many opportunities to earn money on the Internet. Two of such are trading Forex and mining Bitcoin. USI-Tech can help you to do both. It is a technology company which is currently based in Dubai. They specialize in the development of automatic software for Forex trading and Bitcoin mining. The company has very intelligent, qualified specialists who ensure that their software products are of good quality. For almost 10 years, USI-Tech has been dedicated to the provision of automated trading software. Today, they have trading robots for the Forex and Bitcoin markets. Here is more about these products and their benefits.

The USI-Tech Forex Automated Trading Software

The world Forex market is a prime investment opportunity. This is because currencies stay stable yet vary in value so much that there is always the potential for profit. USI-Tech specializes in creating software that can trade in this market for you according to successful, built-in parameters. They have developed more than 100 successful software versions for this in the last 8 years. Today, they offer an automated Forex trading software that helps small-capital investors to participate in this global market and make profits.

The USI-Tech Forex software plugs into the well-used MT4 trading platform. It is available with a life-time license and does not need any special expertise to manipulate. By following a comprehensive guide, anybody can install this software in their MT4 platform.

This Forex robot from USI-Tech makes use of unique algorithms that can deliver profits of 100% per year. The software achieves this by performing maximized reduction of risk in a fast-paced trading environment. It is available for 600 Euros for a lifetime license.

The USI-Tech Automated Bitcoin Mining Software

The most recent product from this company is the automated Bitcoin mining and trading software. It was released in March 2017 and allows clients to automate the processes of mining or trading the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

The automated cryptocurrency trading technology is available in terms of packages. Each goes for 50 Euros paid in Bitcoin. Every package can automatically trade your initial Bitcoin investment by 1% every day for 140 trading days while working for 5 days per week. Eventually, you will receive Bitcoin payments adding up to 140% of your initial Bitcoin investment.

Statistically, the automated Bitcoin trading software from USI-Tech can deliver a 40% profit on your initial capital in 6 months. This is after all the fees have been deducted. According to reviewers and critics, this is one of the highest paying automated Bitcoin services on the Internet.

When it comes to mining, the USI-Tech automated software mines alternative cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin. This is because the developers feel that there are more profits to be made in mining these other cryptocurrencies.

After getting a return, these alternative cryptocurrencies are converted to Bitcoin and delivered to you. The automated Bitcoin mining software is available in terms of packages. Each costs 0.02229BTC and works according to a similar schedule to that of the trading robot.

Benefits of investing in the automated software products from USI-Tech

The automated trading software from USI-Tech makes it possible for individual traders to participate and thrive in the Forex market which is known to have the highest capital turnover globally.

It is very difficult to trade in this market without having reliable tools. The automated trading software from this company gives you an edge in the market and generates many chances to make a profit in this market.

The Forex and Bitcoin automated software from this company constantly receive technological support from a team of experienced and knowledgeable specialists. They are constantly working to fine tune the parameters of the software so as to increase its capability. This guarantees long term profit for you as a trader.


USI-Tech is a company that specializes in creating automated software for Forex trading and Bitcoin mining. They currently have stable, tested and approved software for both of these activities. The software provides clients with high returns of over 100% in the long term. Moreover, it is available for purchase with life-time licenses. To purchase the software and participate in the markets that it manipulates, you need to be over the age of 18 and have full legal capacity to perform these activities. Deposits and withdrawals can be made into the software using the regular methods such as Netseller, credit cards or bank transfers. USI-Tech brings high-tech software capability to ordinary traders who want to make extraordinary profits.

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4 Faces of Mr. Wrong Ladies Always End Up With When Dating

Finding the right man is never easy unless you’re preselected to have the best love life most people dream of, though not necessarily always have. What more common is finding the wrong guy, or men, as women tend to end up with people who never seem to meet the requirements of a long-lasting relationship.

If you haven’t tried dating, or have been an NBSB, let me give you a heads up. Here are the four types of men who may bring you the worst heartbreaks, God forbid!

1. The Ultimate Bad Boy

Women get crazy over bad boys. No matter how much we dismiss the idea, this persona appeals to us in most ways. Men, who belong to this type, often have the charisma, the genes, good looks, and oozing overt narcissism that drive women to their heels. This quality makes them more attractive, as competition between females starts to exist with them around. However, you may be very careful. You may not be his only one.

2. Mr. Best Friend

A guy best friend may never be Mr. Right, even if he is. Finding someone of the opposite sex who knows you inside and out is a rare possession. Hence, you may tend to feel awkward towards dating your best friend or acknowledging the thought that you may end up together as a romantic couple. And in time, when you find yourself crossing that thin line between a lover and the best friend, you might face situations in which you would hold back to save the friendship.

3. Mr. Mama Picks For Me

If you have this close bond with your mom, or an aunt, a grandma, or any old guardian who sees you cry every time you break up with a boyfriend, you might end up dating men whom they pick for you. It’s as if these males attend a casting call for your partner-to-be. Like in an audition, most of these guys do not fit the part.

4. Mr. Too-Good-To-Be-True


Like the Drake song goes, some men are too good for you, and we often take their love for granted, because they’re too nice or simply too perfect. These men often are non-confrontational and would almost always agree with you on anything.

No matter who you choose, be patient. You may have to work things extra hard to make the wrong guy fit you perfectly when all else fails.

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3 Dating Tips All Women Should Know About What Men Secretly Look For

Finding the perfect person to spend your life with takes time and effort, and sometimes, especially for the first-timers or those who do not usually go out on dates, the search requires some training and insider advice.

Well, even though it pays to ask your girlfriends for tips and strategies on how to go out with men, it also takes some personal understanding of what the other gender expects. At the same time, if you have been relying on your female friends’ advice and still end up with a “no to minimal” love life, then you should be considering knowing what men think about dating.

Here are some tips males usually don’t tell their dates.

1. Men Like Independence.

 Don’t kill a relationship by becoming too obsessed with your date or the experience per se. Don’t smother your partner as if he runs your life. Don’t let the budding relationship get in your way, let along your separate hobbies, work, and interests. Avoid unnecessary calling or messaging, or at least give him time to respond to you. If boys don’t like individualistic girls, then Ne-Yo’s Miss Independent wouldn’t have become a hit in 2008.

2. Be True To Yourself.

Some girls would have to pretend to be someone else on a date as if they’re auditioning for a screenplay. You would have to remember that dating is never meant to be an audition for anything, not even for a second date. So loosen up and be true to yourself. If you’re asked to order a meal, then order something you want, not something that would make you look sexy. You won’t find yourself alluring after seeing yourself in the mirror drooling over someone’s food just because you would like to keep your “diet.” Be real.

3. Don’t Give Yourself On A First Date, Or  The Second.

Men may seem encouraging sex on your first meet-and-greet night. Even if you find yourselves mutually attracted, please do yourself a favor. Don’t. When finding true love, even men privately hope to be declined the steamy offer. If you want to be the next-girlfriend-material, then act like one. Else, your date may think that when you go out to dine with other men, you’ll end up in their beds the morning after. Hold it.

Don’t rush things. Follow these steps whenever you go out on a date, and see how they can help you find longer-lasting relationships.

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World’s Next Top Dating Sites You Should Start Using To Find Mr. Right

For single women, especially the NBSBs, finding the right person to fall in love with is like finding a needle, not just in a haystack, but also at the bottom of the ocean.

Even if we have friends to set us up on blind dates, these men may not be who we truly look for in a partner. The experience may then be more dragging or emotional, and we might end up slacking on the couch watching chick flicks that may or may not happen to us in real life, or browsing the net for articles like this one.

If you stumble upon this feature for the same reason, cheer up, girl! I have listed some new dating apps that you should try. For several reasons, it should help you in different ways – like by giving practice on how it is to date men (if you haven’t tried one or two) or converse with people without holding yourself back in a secured environment, among others. Without further ado, here’s my list:

1. Align

If you’re the type of girl who believes in the powers of the stars, then you might enjoy this app that gives you six matches a day. You won’t need much when they come to you based on your “cosmic” compatibility.

2. Bumble

If you’re interested to know how to have less than 24 hours to find the perfect one, then try this app. Bumble gives you the sense of liberty to make that first move, and of “letting things go and moving on” when the app automatically deletes your one-sided convo (when your chosen guy hasn’t replied to you within the time limit, that is).

3. Tastebuds

If finding Mr. Right becomes more difficult because you would like to end up with someone who shares your interests, particularly in music, then you should try Tastebuds. You may end up with someone who also thinks Drake and Rihanna should continue dating.

Here are just three of the new apps you should try. You wouldn’t know, the guy you’re waiting for is on these apps, waiting for you.

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