3 Dating Tips All Women Should Know About What Men Secretly Look For

Finding the perfect person to spend your life with takes time and effort, and sometimes, especially for the first-timers or those who do not usually go out on dates, the search requires some training and insider advice.

Well, even though it pays to ask your girlfriends for tips and strategies on how to go out with men, it also takes some personal understanding of what the other gender expects. At the same time, if you have been relying on your female friends’ advice and still end up with a “no to minimal” love life, then you should be considering knowing what men think about dating.

Here are some tips males usually don’t tell their dates.

1. Men Like Independence.

 Don’t kill a relationship by becoming too obsessed with your date or the experience per se. Don’t smother your partner as if he runs your life. Don’t let the budding relationship get in your way, let along your separate hobbies, work, and interests. Avoid unnecessary calling or messaging, or at least give him time to respond to you. If boys don’t like individualistic girls, then Ne-Yo’s Miss Independent wouldn’t have become a hit in 2008.

2. Be True To Yourself.

Some girls would have to pretend to be someone else on a date as if they’re auditioning for a screenplay. You would have to remember that dating is never meant to be an audition for anything, not even for a second date. So loosen up and be true to yourself. If you’re asked to order a meal, then order something you want, not something that would make you look sexy. You won’t find yourself alluring after seeing yourself in the mirror drooling over someone’s food just because you would like to keep your “diet.” Be real.

3. Don’t Give Yourself On A First Date, Or  The Second.

Men may seem encouraging sex on your first meet-and-greet night. Even if you find yourselves mutually attracted, please do yourself a favor. Don’t. When finding true love, even men privately hope to be declined the steamy offer. If you want to be the next-girlfriend-material, then act like one. Else, your date may think that when you go out to dine with other men, you’ll end up in their beds the morning after. Hold it.

Don’t rush things. Follow these steps whenever you go out on a date, and see how they can help you find longer-lasting relationships.