4 Faces of Mr. Wrong Ladies Always End Up With When Dating

Finding the right man is never easy unless you’re preselected to have the best love life most people dream of, though not necessarily always have. What more common is finding the wrong guy, or men, as women tend to end up with people who never seem to meet the requirements of a long-lasting relationship.

If you haven’t tried dating, or have been an NBSB, let me give you a heads up. Here are the four types of men who may bring you the worst heartbreaks, God forbid!

1. The Ultimate Bad Boy

Women get crazy over bad boys. No matter how much we dismiss the idea, this persona appeals to us in most ways. Men, who belong to this type, often have the charisma, the genes, good looks, and oozing overt narcissism that drive women to their heels. This quality makes them more attractive, as competition between females starts to exist with them around. However, you may be very careful. You may not be his only one.

2. Mr. Best Friend

A guy best friend may never be Mr. Right, even if he is. Finding someone of the opposite sex who knows you inside and out is a rare possession. Hence, you may tend to feel awkward towards dating your best friend or acknowledging the thought that you may end up together as a romantic couple. And in time, when you find yourself crossing that thin line between a lover and the best friend, you might face situations in which you would hold back to save the friendship.

3. Mr. Mama Picks For Me

If you have this close bond with your mom, or an aunt, a grandma, or any old guardian who sees you cry every time you break up with a boyfriend, you might end up dating men whom they pick for you. It’s as if these males attend a casting call for your partner-to-be. Like in an audition, most of these guys do not fit the part.

4. Mr. Too-Good-To-Be-True


Like the Drake song goes, some men are too good for you, and we often take their love for granted, because they’re too nice or simply too perfect. These men often are non-confrontational and would almost always agree with you on anything.

No matter who you choose, be patient. You may have to work things extra hard to make the wrong guy fit you perfectly when all else fails.