Cryptocurrency Investing – Are Dating Sites Now Accepting Cryptocurrencies?

There are many opportunities to earn money on the Internet. Two of such are trading Forex and mining Bitcoin. USI-Tech can help you to do both. It is a technology company which is currently based in Dubai. They specialize in the development of automatic software for Forex trading and Bitcoin mining. The company has very intelligent, qualified specialists who ensure that their software products are of good quality. For almost 10 years, USI-Tech has been dedicated to the provision of automated trading software. Today, they have trading robots for the Forex and Bitcoin markets. Here is more about these products and their benefits.

The USI-Tech Forex Automated Trading Software

The world Forex market is a prime investment opportunity. This is because currencies stay stable yet vary in value so much that there is always the potential for profit. USI-Tech specializes in creating software that can trade in this market for you according to successful, built-in parameters. They have developed more than 100 successful software versions for this in the last 8 years. Today, they offer an automated Forex trading software that helps small-capital investors to participate in this global market and make profits.

The USI-Tech Forex software plugs into the well-used MT4 trading platform. It is available with a life-time license and does not need any special expertise to manipulate. By following a comprehensive guide, anybody can install this software in their MT4 platform.

This Forex robot from USI-Tech makes use of unique algorithms that can deliver profits of 100% per year. The software achieves this by performing maximized reduction of risk in a fast-paced trading environment. It is available for 600 Euros for a lifetime license.

The USI-Tech Automated Bitcoin Mining Software

The most recent product from this company is the automated Bitcoin mining and trading software. It was released in March 2017 and allows clients to automate the processes of mining or trading the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

The automated cryptocurrency trading technology is available in terms of packages. Each goes for 50 Euros paid in Bitcoin. Every package can automatically trade your initial Bitcoin investment by 1% every day for 140 trading days while working for 5 days per week. Eventually, you will receive Bitcoin payments adding up to 140% of your initial Bitcoin investment.

Statistically, the automated Bitcoin trading software from USI-Tech can deliver a 40% profit on your initial capital in 6 months. This is after all the fees have been deducted. According to reviewers and critics, this is one of the highest paying automated Bitcoin services on the Internet.

When it comes to mining, the USI-Tech automated software mines alternative cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin. This is because the developers feel that there are more profits to be made in mining these other cryptocurrencies.

After getting a return, these alternative cryptocurrencies are converted to Bitcoin and delivered to you. The automated Bitcoin mining software is available in terms of packages. Each costs 0.02229BTC and works according to a similar schedule to that of the trading robot.

Benefits of investing in the automated software products from USI-Tech

The automated trading software from USI-Tech makes it possible for individual traders to participate and thrive in the Forex market which is known to have the highest capital turnover globally.

It is very difficult to trade in this market without having reliable tools. The automated trading software from this company gives you an edge in the market and generates many chances to make a profit in this market.

The Forex and Bitcoin automated software from this company constantly receive technological support from a team of experienced and knowledgeable specialists. They are constantly working to fine tune the parameters of the software so as to increase its capability. This guarantees long term profit for you as a trader.


USI-Tech is a company that specializes in creating automated software for Forex trading and Bitcoin mining. They currently have stable, tested and approved software for both of these activities. The software provides clients with high returns of over 100% in the long term. Moreover, it is available for purchase with life-time licenses. To purchase the software and participate in the markets that it manipulates, you need to be over the age of 18 and have full legal capacity to perform these activities. Deposits and withdrawals can be made into the software using the regular methods such as Netseller, credit cards or bank transfers. USI-Tech brings high-tech software capability to ordinary traders who want to make extraordinary profits.

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