World’s Next Top Dating Sites You Should Start Using To Find Mr. Right

For single women, especially the NBSBs, finding the right person to fall in love with is like finding a needle, not just in a haystack, but also at the bottom of the ocean.

Even if we have friends to set us up on blind dates, these men may not be who we truly look for in a partner. The experience may then be more dragging or emotional, and we might end up slacking on the couch watching chick flicks that may or may not happen to us in real life, or browsing the net for articles like this one.

If you stumble upon this feature for the same reason, cheer up, girl! I have listed some new dating apps that you should try. For several reasons, it should help you in different ways – like by giving practice on how it is to date men (if you haven’t tried one or two) or converse with people without holding yourself back in a secured environment, among others. Without further ado, here’s my list:

1. Align

If you’re the type of girl who believes in the powers of the stars, then you might enjoy this app that gives you six matches a day. You won’t need much when they come to you based on your “cosmic” compatibility.

2. Bumble

If you’re interested to know how to have less than 24 hours to find the perfect one, then try this app. Bumble gives you the sense of liberty to make that first move, and of “letting things go and moving on” when the app automatically deletes your one-sided convo (when your chosen guy hasn’t replied to you within the time limit, that is).

3. Tastebuds

If finding Mr. Right becomes more difficult because you would like to end up with someone who shares your interests, particularly in music, then you should try Tastebuds. You may end up with someone who also thinks Drake and Rihanna should continue dating.

Here are just three of the new apps you should try. You wouldn’t know, the guy you’re waiting for is on these apps, waiting for you.